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Originally Posted by Caesu View Post
Not entirely correct. Like many business models you can also achieve higher profits by selling on volume.

a 129.99 price tag would negate all but the complete fan from a Day One purchase since that is really a lot of money for a single season.

You make is around 60.00 and you will not only attract the already sold fan base but every other casual viewer into consideration of purchase.

The 129.99 price will only make the units sit on the shelves longer (I would!), because we all know the price will drop a lot later on.

Heck the smartest guy will be the one who will wait until all 7 seasons are released and wait for the inevitable complete boxset at a huge discount (think Battlestar Galactica).

If the Ratio of Complete Fan vs Casual Viewer is 1:50, then if 100 units are sold @ 129.99 = 12,999.00, Where Complete Fans equal (1 x 100 x 129.99) and no Casual Viewer purchases due to the high price tag.

Comparably, @ 59.99 which would attract the Casual Viewer + Complete Fan (1 x 100 x 59.99) = 5,999.00 + [(50x100x59.99)] = 305,949.00

I did that quick, correct the math if your that bored lol
this would be right but not in Paramounts eyes... for Star Trek they set the price high cause they know they can get it
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