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Originally Posted by EMAGDNIM View Post
If you have a dehumidifier, I'd suggest that you run it in between mud/tape visits.
Will do... fortunately the bank that owned the property was too lazy to come pick up their dehumidifier... so, it's mine now

Originally Posted by onyxbfly View Post
Wow coming along nicely. If you don't mind me asking how big is your space? Its HUGHE!!!!!!
The Basement is 1100 sq feet. The finished area is about 800 sq feet.

Originally Posted by Turnda643 View Post
Agreed, it looks awesome now compared to the starting point. Can't wait for the next photo updates.
Thanks! Hopefully within a week I'll have some updates.

Originally Posted by roar View Post
I always find it pretty amazing to watch "professionals" do their work as they are so fast and efficient at it. Not sure why that amazes me, but it does

The space looks great, I'm excited to see it come together with paint and carpet. It really is the first basement I've seen without a drop ceiling or dry walled ceiling so it really has me curious.
Yeah, I've been in some basements with the industrial painted ceiling look. It may not be the perfect acoustic setup, but this isn't a pro-audio room... It's a loud home theater/hangout area. I'm trying to keep it informal and relaxed.

Edit: Lol, not sure how that emoticon ended up on the end of my post. That is not what I clicked... now I think I'll keep it!
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