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Originally Posted by Aerodude73 View Post
Ok, but I was more curious about the actual dimensions of the room (18x26, 14x22, 20x32 )

Nice plan, hope it works out for you, as it sounds pretty cool. I love my 7.2 setup, room isn't big enough for anything else
[Show spoiler](barely big enough for 5.1 !! )
Doh! The HT area alone will be about 19x23 plus the little hallway to the utility area.

Originally Posted by johnnyknoxsvill View Post
Looks awesome! Can't wait to move so I can get a basement. Also am enivous of the flat walls, got stucko walls here and are a "B" to paint and get smooth lines.
Yeah, I had been green with envy for years watching others build their home theaters... just waiting for my turn. So far it's been a great experience (besides a crappy day of spray painting the ceiling.... that was the worst) I see too many people try to do too much, too fast. Or try something that should be subbed out (i.e. mudding) and it sucks all the joy out of the project.
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