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Have watched AVTAK several times (guilty pleasure of mine), on TV, BD, and DVD (don't think I've ever seen it on VHS) but not recently. Just to clarify, is everyone upset because the jump-cut IS or IS NOT there? If it's always been there and is also on the BD, why has it been shafted? Not trolling, just legitimately curious.
See this post from earlier in the thread.

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I'm surprised nobody - including the original reviewer - has addressed any of the screw ups that Lowry made during the "restoration" of this movie for the original UE DVD carried over to this BD. Most noticeably the "camera shake" which occurs on the shot of Stacy's house. Apparently Lowry's machines decided it was an error and "fixed" it. It wasn't an error. There were also framing errors made during Bond's "sprint" up the Eiffel Tower.

Had the movie been released in the first wave of BDs it would probably have been corrected - as was OHMSS and TB - but they got lazy with the second batch.

The set as a whole was such a missed oppprtunity.

To my knowledge, AVTAK has't been presented correctly since the SE DVD. Add it to the list of Bonds that need another try. See also Goldeneye and its wretched DMR!
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