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Originally Posted by SpaceDog View Post
This is exactly what she's talking about. If you think "it's all cool" she's probably talking to you. Won't be long before there are more voices like hers. The movie per the trailer is not far off the mark for exactly what's bubbling under the surface now.
"This is not what democracy looks like" - lol

Democracy has nothing to do with how goods and capital is distributed, except in the case of collective economies, which the United States has and hopefully never will be (with the increase support for leftist thought in this country, however, it may be more of a possibility then one would imagine). Not to mention that I think it's quite obvious with socialism's history, the majority democratically making national economic decisions was only in theory and not in practice in countries that choose to stray away from free market practices because of the same thinking people who read charts like that accept.
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