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Originally Posted by steve_dave View Post
Anchor Bay did release this on DVD in the US, twice.

Limited Edition:

Regular Edition:

And the film is in the public domain in the US so any studio could distribute it.

The 30th Anniversary release of Night of the Living Dead on dvd is not the original release but the original release with new scenes and a new soundtrack. There is the original release included on the DVD but the soundtrack is new. Most Night of the Living Dead fans consider the 30th Anniversary release to be blasphemy. I have the 30th Anniversary on DVD in limited and regular release and for what it was, it is enjoyable, but not true to the original Romero film from 1968.

Some Reviews review:

"The disc quality is really good, although when the new scenes are inserted you can tell - how could you not? Another pox on this film is the re-scoring by Scott Vladimir Licina, which is so bad that I'm going to just ignore it. There are two versions of this film included on the DVD, the 30th Anniversary re-edit and the original cut with Licina's new score (which, again, sucks so bad that I'm not even gonna talk about it). I can't believe anyone could make this film suck, but congratulations Mr. Russo - you did it in spades. Russo is credited as the "writer/director" of the new scenes in this version. May zombies eat his liver."

Surely at some point, someone will release the 30th Anniversary release on Blu-Ray as well.
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