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Originally Posted by bhampton View Post
I just watched Resident Evil Retribution and it dawned on me that 3D Blu Ray is the cats pajamas.
(Resident Evil? Pshaw...Now watch Hugo and Puss in Boots. )

(Mostly a biased opinion but I'm in Home Theater heaven over here.)
Our Best Buy has a passive display up, so i always look and try to see the "comparison"--And maybe it's just bad store setup, but their Passive display for the Titanic trailer always looks soft, ribbed and grainy, so since I had a showing of the Hobbit that afternoon, I started wondering whether it was that bad with the plastic disposable glasses in the passive cineplex theaters, too.
Maybe I was biased, but, um....yeah, was a bit: I'd been so used to watching my crystal-clear active Panny, I'm starting to prefer waiting and seeing 3D at home, than going out to the big theaters that never do it right.

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