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Default Progress and a new set "Top Shelf Scans'!

The productive summer continues!

Almost through sending everyone finished here. Mary has been doing an amazing job catching up things, and Dave and Becky are handling all the regular Amazon orders. The special stuff has been taking full days with Dave and I rocketing through it. If there is anything you’re still missing that’s finished we’re most likely sent it this week. We now have two BDR towers, and we’ll be working on a third to keep things from backing up as we get through this next batch of special discs. I’m listing a bunch of 16mm prints for sale as well to boost revenue and move things along faster as well. The Thunderbean email is now unspammed as well, and Mary is working on catching up any other things I’ve missed there.

I’m picking up the first batch of new 16mm and 35mm scans in a little while today- excited to see how they’re looking! There’s a stop Motion short from ‘Stop Motion Marvels 2’ that’s part of this batch (the last film to finish for that set) and a film for the All Censored set, and lots of commercials. I’m hoping to drop off the rest of the Noveltoons (for the long awaited bonus disc of those) and the few last things for the Grotesqueries Bonus as well. Later I’ll be looking at masters on the finished ‘special’ discs before we start to get them all dubbed. Catching pop is a ton of work, but I’m enjoying it. If we’re able I’d like to get 7 or more of the special sets out the door together.

With new scans being done and all the postage costs this week (now nearing 1k all together with more to go-almost all for the Popeye and bonus disc) and now having a new reliable place to scan, we’re doing a special set (the first new thing we’re offered in many months) to help support these and get things done a little faster!

It’s called: Top shelf scans!

This collection (BDR) consists of 11 cartoons and a great trailer reel, all scanned from rare original 35mm and 16mm prints. Fleischer, Disney and Warners are all represented in this set. There’s several nitrate shorts included that will never be available any other way.

It is available for one week only, July 31st.

The set is $15.95 plus $3 shipping; no shipping if you have any other Thunderbean sets ordered. Postage out of the country is $12, but again free if you have other sets. PayPal is, as usual, Make sure to list 'top shelf scans' in the paypal note- and make sure to include your address.

Thanks to everyone for your support and keeping the faith through all these projects!
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