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Hmm wow just compared S3D1 between the 1-7 set and the stand alone S3 and again the 1-7 version disc is WAY smaller and the total bitrate for each episode is way less! We are talking 39 vs 32 total bitrate!

So the 1-7 set they spent money to remaster them to lower quality and yet still used the same size 50GB discs? What is the point of that?

I haven't yet compared pic quality, but it's hard to believe it can be as good when it's as big a difference as 32 vs 39 bitrate.

I also wonder if this is maybe why some were saying the new 4k set had more detail than the blu-rays and others saying it didn't at all?

All I had had was 1-3 individual so I figured since they had 1-7 on sale so super low I'd just grab that to catch up, but it seems like it was given some sort of cut rate shabby discs or something? I wonder if this applies for seasons 4-7 too or just 1-3?

My plan had been to sell off my existing 1-3 seasons and just keep the 1-7 set with the cheaper packaging but since the discs seem to have all been remastered to much lower bitrate.... guess maybe I'll see off the 1-3 seasons from the 1-7 for whatever I can get for them (with a valid digital code still, should be something at least) and then just keep it for 4-7 on the cheap (maybe 4-7 are the same quality either way anyway? isn't 4 when they went to not providing DVDs, maybe they went to cheaper mastering all around at that point?). Hmmm although it seems there is just one code for all 7 seasons, so guess have to sell the blu-ray seasons without code....

EDIT: Although I see now that the 1-7 set ones all have Atmos while the original individual early seasons actually don't. All very odd. Maybe a mixed bag between the versions. Although I'd care more about higher bitrate video than Atmos I think.

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