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A couple of weeks ago Art at Projector Reviews received the Epson dual projector passive 3D setup that is intended for classroom use. He will be doing a review of various classroom projectors and will probably include these in his review. I don't know if Art currently has a silver screen available to test the passive 3D, or perhaps Epson will be providing one. Passive 3D performance, in terms of 3D crosstalk/ghosting generally depends primarily on the screen's ability to retain the polarization of the projected images from the two projectors. As a result conventional projection screens are not suitable for passive 3D and likewise screens that are suitable for passive 3D (i.e., "silver screens") are not very good for 2D projection. Also the quality of the polarizing filters used with the projectors and the quailty of the 3D glasses can also impact the 3D crosstalk level.

If you are interested in passive 3D projection I wrote a 10 part series of blogs last year on the subject. That series starts HERE.

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