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There is also the non-polarized Omega 3D filters. Those don't need a silver screen and stay true longer than polarized- from what I read.
I'm not quite at a place where I can commit that much, but you can use any two 2D or 3D projectors. With HD20's under $500 on Amazon that entire setup for the dual projectors can cost a bit under $2K for a 1080p passive 3D HT.
I was THIS close to pursuing this setup, and will as soon as I get a higher paying job (incentivizing). You need 2 (ideally) 1080p projectors (HD20's will work but if you can get 2 that are brighter it will serve you better in doing 3D), 2 3D-XL's (or a PC with dual video outputs- or one of the demultiplexers the Omega system guy sells on eBay), and the 3D kit (also on eBay and also Amazon).
The difference between these and the polarized sets to my mind sounds like the difference beween Real D and IMAX 3D, but I'm not entirely clear on it. In keeping with that difference though, the glasses from most theaters won't work with your home setup. They're passive glasses, but they're not the same as movie theater ones.

Anyway, I'm going from a 720p to a 1080p projector over the next week, and from there I'll start saving up to go Omega on my HT unless something better has come along.
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