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Originally Posted by mookoo View Post
hey guys, quick question:

what kind of selection do you have with the movies you are required to purchase? they mention "up to 15 buying opportunities a year," or something like that. does that mean that, within the next two years, i'll have up to 30 buying opportunities to buy "pre-selected" films? and say i join today.. could i order Lady and the Tramp immediately, and then in a couple weeks or so order The Muppets? and would they offer the $25 version of Muppets, or just the $3.4 mil version?

thanks so much!

The buying opportunities are the promos that will be going on. For example, it might be Buy 1 title, get another at 50% off. In that case your full priced title will count towards your commitment if it meets the minimum price, however, your sale priced one will not. You could order all your introductory and commitment titles in one shot if you wanted to.
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