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Originally Posted by drees5761 View Post
We know these films are great, no argument there, but this list isnt lazy, throwing out a crap release which is an upscale with new messed up soundtracks is lazy and i want to know these things before i purchase anything.
Actually, the list is very misleading. Aside from a couple of titles (most notably the Police Story discs), all of the "upscaled" Blu-rays are superior to the SDVDs, including such problematic releases as Prison on Fire 1 & 2.

Really, the more I am looking at some of the comments posted in this thread, the clearer becomes that the people who are arguing that the Blu-rays do not represent an "upgrade" either do not own the SDVD AND the Blu-rays and have never compared them (and I do not mean looking at screencaptures), OR are watching their discs on very small screens/monitors (under 40').

One last time, upscaled SDVD content is not identical to SD content placed on Blu-ray.

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