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Originally Posted by steve1971 View Post
I agree.
What is ‘justified’ or what is not ‘justified’ in terms of discretionary spending on hobbies is a personal matter/decision for each consumer which I do not care to involve myself with. See…

I can tell you that from reading the boards over the past several years, it is readily apparent that there is an overwhelming preoccupation with critiquing the presence of, the absence of, or the alteration of…. grain while watching Blu-ray movies at home, best summed up with one of the most commonly used acronyms on any audiovideo board post or in any Blu-ray review…..that be ‘DNR’.

So, not to mention the other benefits of 4k displays but, at least in regards to the serious videophile pursuit of refining one’s analysis of grain (and camera-originated noise, for that matter), 4k video source displayed on a 4k screen will be an advantageous higher level tool for those who wish to continue to enjoy that aspect (assessing the grain) of their Blu-ray watching.
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