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Yes, amazon uk does offer free shipping to India and I get almost everything from there these days. The only Blu-rays I get from the US are tv shows which are not available in the UK(like The Big Bang Theory & Chuck) or if the packaging of a favorite show/movie is inferior(like the Star Wars Saga or Superntual, which doesn't have foil covers in the UK). Which shipping option do you choose when importing from the US? Till now, I haven't tried anything other than Priority which arrives in four days.
Anydvd hasn't caused me any conflicts till now and also I have a dual monitor setup(the LCD and the projector) and I can't play a blu-ray without Anydvd removing the protection.

Blu-rays are expensive in India as well. A single disc movie costs around 40$ and a double disc(with bonus features) costs around 50$. The prices never change, they are always sold at full retail price! Not to mention sometimes the bonus features are removed from single disc editions( I bought Casino Royale on Blu and it didn't have any bonus features even though they were specified on the cover.)

That's exactly what I thought about Sony. Samsung and LG drives are popular and seeing how well my LG Dvd drive has performed over the last few years, I went with that. Btw, I'm not going to upgrade the firmware of my LG drive. If everything is working perfectly, what's there to update? The risk of disrupting a perfectly working drive isn't worth it for me.

On second thought I should have gone with an LG drive in the first place. Honestly, the only reason I went with the Samsung Drive was the glossy look and the blue LED.

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