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Originally Posted by rdodolak View Post
See that Green "G" symbol on the disc. That disc is from another country although I cant place the country right now. Although the disc shows it's Region A,B,C (or all region) could it be possible that it's not actually region free?

EDIT: That disc is from the Australian release.

Also which blu-ray player software came preinstalled and what's the version number. Usually, the preinstalled software is an older version which is why OEMs provide it free with the computer. It's possible the AACS keys are pretty old, even if it's a new release from Toshiba, and thus may not play the disc. Have you tried using a newer version of software?


Thank You very much.

Sorry for posting pics from the Internet. These discs are made in the USA.
'The Smurfs' Blu-ray Disc played fine on my friend's standalone Blu-ray Disc player.

Yesterday, I successfully played the original 'Happy Feet' (2007) on Blu-ray Disc without any problems.

Now, the Toshiba's Blu-ray Disc Player's update was released on October 4, 2012: V1.0.3.188_A
That is Version
(This update contains a new AACS key, which is required ...)

There was also an update on December 27, 2012, but it did not mention any AACS key.
So, I have the most recent updates from Toshiba.

My Toshiba Satellite S875D-S7239 has the following Blu-ray Disc Player.

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