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Originally Posted by mugen302005 View Post
Sorry If I posted this in the wrong place.

I have a denon 1908 receiver and 2 n38 jbl front speakers, and a philips subwooferf28 (don't remember model). The thing is before i changed to this receiver I had a sort of high gama receiver kenwood x9060d and when i tried pcm 5.1 and all the Hd audio optios of bluray I was awed. Not that I had to change to the denon i noticed the "boom" of the first set is missing .

I tried figuring out setting the denon and came across this setting. No subwoofer, front speakers at 80hz, center alt 60hz and surrounds at 60hz too. And the crossover option is at 250hz. With this setting I kind of got the sound i was used to, but something makes me wonder why in my previous receiver all was in boom and ok, and now i had to stop using my subwoofer.

I have to add that i myself set the front speakers to 80hz because after the auto set up with the microfone, the values given for the front speakers was 40hz but as i rise this value the boom seemed to return.

Can you tell me if this is ok if my rising the crossover value for my frontt speakers is ok or not? and if the subwoofer gone is the way to go?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, auto calibration programs sometimes mess things up. My suggestion is to set the front speakers to Large and all other speakers to Small and set the crossover frequency to 80Hz.

This may be the wrong thread for your question. Go to the following two threads and you will find much more helpful information.:

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