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So not true, you need to do some reading. The fabric is not going to change the sound but the frame the fabric is on can change it depending on the speakers off angle dispersion. Not all speakers are affected and depends on the brand but to say it can't at all is very wrong.
Good read. Thanks for sharing. I met Phil Jones who made my speakers and asked him the same question awhile ago. He shared that they do make a small difference, but it comes down to personal preference. No pets are allowed in my room so I donít have to worry about that (or kids) but I still keep them on for appearances. For my 2 channel system, I do take them off when in use as the tweeters seem to open up a bit more. Then again, I am in the camp that cables can make a difference as well depending on what you are running, but that is a whole other can of worms.
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