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Until now, I never experienced the surprising major 3D difference when changing the Oppo Setup - 3D TV Size from my LG Display 65 inch screen to the maximum size range of 999.

This produces a greatly satisfying 3D experience for me.
IMAX 3D quality. This really pronounces the 3D in a weak 3D feature, such as I experience with LAIKA's "Box Trolls" 3D.

It will also affect every 3D display or HMD that an Oppo connects via the HDMI output.

I'm leaving this display size setting to 999 from now on.

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Paul, every time you do one of these additions I think you are a psychology major and are playing a placebo trick on us. I started with XXX: The Return of Xander Cage which is a 4.5/5 for a 3D presentation. Not perfect, but very strong! OMG your little 999 addition makes me think I am watching a 3D film from the 80's. To be honest I am not a fan of weak 3D. If you are going to do 3D due it and do not half ass it! I have seen more than a few features where the 3D is so weak you forget you are watching a 3D film. XXX now just pops with insane depth. The depth into the screen is crazy! Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D has never looked so good. Alita: Battle Angel which I thought was a really disappointing 3d feature being that it was so new and 3D as of late has been so stellar. Alita: Battle Angel now actually looks 3D for the run time of the film. Go to the Motorball Race Fight sequence. Now this scene just pops with insane depth and looks so much better.

What I haven't tried yet are older 3D films like House of Wax, Dial M for Murder, Comin at Ya, Jaws 3D, Kiss Me Kate, etc. where the 3D was extremely strong to begin with. 3D films made since the resurgence after Avatar and the 3DTV push of 2010 show 3D Blu-rays are much milder than films from the past.

Overall you find these little tweaks that breathes new life into these films and the OLED Displays that show them. Part of the reason I still collect 3D Blu-rays. A word to the wise Amazon UK is your friend! I get most of my 3D titles from there as they are far cheaper than the US. Many titles can be had for $5 lbs. and I have purchased most Disney titles for $12 lbs. or less. Marvel as a whole probably has the most exceptional 3D titles.

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