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If a Donner/Murray fued is what is holding up any special features for the fans, do it without them! Even the Christmas Vacation dvd didn't involve Chevy Chase on the commentary or anything else. Scrooged has a huge ensemble cast that could easily add to the special features. You could have a commentary with Karen Allen, Carol Kane and Alfre Woodard. There could be interviews with the writers, producers and set designers on making the film. There are plenty of special features out there that exist without the director and star. Seems pretty silly this movie remains one of the few and only Christmas classics that has nothing special to add to the bare bones dvd and blu-ray release.
Supplemental features were already completed, from what I understand, and are in a vault held up by clearance issues. Paramount would have to create new materials but even then these could be locked up in legal hell.

Bill Murray very rarely participates in supplemental features anyway so I doubt any recent interviews were conducted with him. I remember his participation in the Stripes retrospective being a huge enough deal that the DVD advertised it on the front sticker.
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