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Originally Posted by CinemaScope View Post
No only that, but no menu whatsoever on the discs. It just plays the first episode on the disc & you have to flick through the chapters to get to the next episode & so on. I've never had a set like this one.
Well, the menus aren't great, and I've only looked at the FIRST disc, first 5 episodes. But when I put the disc in and it "auto plays", it shows the Universal (a Comcast company) logo, it goes through some "don't steal videos" stuff, then it comes to a main menu. If I go the the 3rd icon, I can see the five episodes and choose which one I want to play and it begins.

Now again, I bought the French release, not the UK set. So maybe mine are different. But I have simple menus, at least on the first disc.
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