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Originally Posted by agoofykindasuperman View Post
Is The Others in that set the same old Alliance 1080i release, or is it the newer 1080p US release? I'm guessing it's 1080i since it's an Alliance package right?
Not sure if anyone has brought this up, but I think there is some confusion on The Others, as it pertains to the Canadian release.

I recently bought the movie from inetvideo, and the version I got was the Canadian Blu+DVD, billingual cover. The box lists it as 1080p with all the same extras as the U.S. version.

It looks like there are 2 Canadian releases. The original from 2009, which is barebones. And the more recent from 2011, which appears to be the same as the 1080p U.S. version. I noticed on this website, it lists the 2011 Canadian version as 1080i, which I don't believe to be correct. Can anyone else confirm?

p.s. Sorry for going a bit off topic!

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