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Originally Posted by SpaceDog View Post
These issues still exist today, simply with a shinier and happier face.
The whole "don't tax the poor rich people or help the dirty poor people" thing smacks very much of a dickens line:

``If they would rather die,'' said Scrooge, ``they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."

Catwoman's line is VERY apt. There is a breaking point, and people on one side don't seem to know how perilously close to it they are.
Many of the issues I deliberately mentioned may still be modern day problems, but modern day problems in non-Western countries. Gotham City is supposed to be a metropolitan in the U.S.

And the assumption that I would agree with that statement is absurd. Besides the fact it makes no logical sense, on a personal level, I'm a firm believer in an equal flat tax for all economic classes.

So the comment, "Live so large and leave so little for the rest of us", would be something I would agree with, if they were physically or bureaucratically taking capital from lower-middle class people, but seeing how as a social class (not individual members of that economic group) that is not the case, I can't agree.

Edit: I apologize, I forgot I had mentioned regulated economies. Regulated economics is one of the reasons why both the U.S. and Western Europe are having so many financial problems as is, not to mention the loss of individual fiscal responsibility, but not even a fraction close to the extent of the problems during the 19th century, not to mention 19th century England. So even a slight resemblance between the two would be illogical.

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