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Originally Posted by Toptube View Post
I don't care if it surpasses forza or not. I just want to keep racing on the same great tracks that I've been racing on for years! Seriously, there are just TOO MANY good tracks from past games both real and fantasy, missing from GT5.
I don't care if it surpasses Forza either (I own both). I'm just saying that I would have expected GT5 to have more tracks than it did... At least as many as Forza. I also said, if you start counting the tracks available in practice & special events modes, it "may" surpass Forza. Leaving these tracks out of the regular events while having us race the same tracks over & over bewilders me. Like you said, there are many tracks from previous GT installments that are absent. I would have definitely expected them to be in GT5, even without new courses. There are also many in Forza that I would love to see in GT5.
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