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Go with Panasonic. They are the leader. When Pioneer stopped making the Kuros and decided to get out of the plasma business, Panasonic bought their tech. The rumor was that Pioneers engineers went to Panny.

I have sold Panasonic Plasma over Samsung 10:1. The Panny offers better blacks and more refined picture, better detail.

When a "UT" is calibrated professionally, it gives as good a picture as a "VT" series Panasonic.

Keep in mind that Pannys 3d version in the U50 gives a better 2d picture than the non 3d sibling. Reason is that to give you an excellent 3d picture the 2d has to be even better. So what 3d has done for the 2d picture is up the ante, even if you never use the 3d.

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