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Thanks for that. Best Buy has the Samsung for about $850 but doesn't carry the U50 in the 60" version. Makes it more convenient for me if I decide to go that way.

Originally Posted by SammyB View Post
I was wondering the same thing as you, and I ended up with the Samung pn60e530. I read some reviews on the Panny and the samsung, well, the Samsung 550, which is similar to the 530, except the 530 doesn't have 3d or apps. Otherwise pretty similar.

Here's what I've gathered from my bit of research.

The Panasonic has better blacks, as good or almost as good as it's higher end Panasonic plasma's. The Samsung's black level's aren't as good. Still quite good, but Samsung model's don't get as good as Panny's until the pnxxe6500.

Both Panasonic's and Samsungs black's wash out a good bit in bright lighting. Quite noticeable in the store, but not as noticeable in a house setting. I just dime the lights a tiny bit and I'm fine in my room with the Samsung, and I expect the Panny to be similiar.

Ideal Gamma=2.2

Ideal Greyscale=6,500k
(those are before calibration.)
Post calibration

I wouldn't be too concerned at post calibration, as those are what Cnet got. Different calibrators could get different results, likely better results. But with out adjusting Samsungs grey scale is a bit better.

The Samsung and Panny both do okay at 5% and 20% luminance, but at 70% Panasonic has some problems while Samsung doesn't. This seems to also speak to the fact that the Pansonic can't get quite as bright as other plasmas. Shouldn't matter a whole lot, especially if you're going to be watching in a controlled light environmental. Which you should be doing anyway to handle the blacks washing out under lighting.

They both handle motion okay, getting around 750 lines of resolution. Both can do 24fps, both can properly deinterlace 1080i.

Overall is seems The Panasonic U50 has better black levels, while the Samsung has a better greyscale and more accurate gamma. Otherwsie they both seem pretty similiar. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I suppose it all comes down to price, atleast it did for me. I got the 60" Samsung for 850. I believe the Panny cost about the same now. At the time the Panny cost another 100 or so.
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