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Hi, all.

First of all, thanks to Big Daddy for this and a number of his other threads that have been very, very helpful and informative.

I've recently been trying to finish up a dedicated HT we made as part of our basement finishing project. I made 3 DIY speaker stands (the one with the 2 pieces of wood with a PVC pipe in the middle) for my 3 fronts based on another thread here. Now I'm turning my attention to making some sub risers a la this thread.

I plan on making 2, one of each of my subs (Emo Ultra 12's).
Sub 1: in front behind an AT screen and hidden, will be about 22" high.
Sub 2: in the rear probably and visible, will be about 14" high because it will be on a platform that is 8" high.
In the end, both subs will be at about the same height.
Basic Design: probably a 3/4" MDF top, 4 2"x2" poplar legs, cut to size, some horizontal bracing members between the legs at the bottom for support, and some rubber isolation feet from parts-express. Top will be covered with left over carpet material and sides with something (see question 2 below). Inside will be filled (see question 1 below).

I think I have most of the material that I need and am probably going to get started, but just had a few questions:

1. Fill material? If I want this to also be a bass trap and fill the inside, is there a huge difference in performance based on materials used?

I could use:
(a) regular fiberglass insulation (left over from finishing our basement = free), or
(b) some Roxul, (~$40), or
(c) some foam from a local store (probably ~$40-50 based on other posts), or
(d) some acoustic foam, like these 12"x12" (link) foam blocks from (~$50 worth should be enough to fill or mostly fill the 2 risers).

Obviously (a), the free option has advantages and I would just go with this if there is likely to be no or only marginal differences in performance.

However, I wouldn't mind spending the extra $50 or so between the 2 risers to do options (b)-(d) IF it would most likely give much better performance.

2. Side cover material? I also want to wrap the sides of the riser with something. Does the material make a difference for its role as a bass trap? With the low frequencies, I'm guessing not, but just wanted to double check.

If there is little difference, I'll probably just use left over carpet (the same that I will use to cover the tops), which is free, especially for the front riser, which will be hidden behind the AT screen. If it will make a functional difference and needs to be more transparent, I don't mind buying some fabric.

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