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I got 5 subs in the house.

I got some work to do.

I think my main system will get a ASC subtrap as I can't fabricate something that looks that good. I have two M&K VX 860 SF (in cherry wood) that I can stack on top. I have M&K 850's up front all in cherry and the aesthetics are important. Ill post pictures in due time when its all set up in a few weeks.

The two outlaw LFM-1 plus' will get some home made risers. They are big boys and not so pretty.

Got a Bose lifestyle for the bedroom (its a just the bedroom for goodness sake!) and just stuck some foam under it and its tighter. Someone gave me the system with one cube blown (fixed) and I chucked the CD unit and just have it hooked to my music server (Olive 2TB) hard wired to 6 separate zones. No Bose lover here but when its free it is not bad!

I read about risers a few years ago but it just went by me. I thought floors shaking was a good thing.

I promised myself no new equipment until everything was tweeked. I have not paid attention to acoustics as I should have. I have a long standing belief most equipment people buy is not set up properly. That includes myself. Im trying! Im trying!

The ears don't lie!

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