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Originally Posted by weir View Post
If they are anything like the US DVD's the transfers are disappointing, to say the least. The show was broadcast in 1.33:1 and the SFX were also 1.33:1. WB decided to go "widescreen" since that was the rage. It created a lot of problems, especially with sequences which they need to take from tape because the source was damaged. So now you have a 1.33:1 tape source blown-up to 1.78:1 with a lot of cropping.

Heck, I'd like to see a proper release of the show in it's original intended ratio. The SFX were done on a Commodore Amiga and then New Tek's Video Toaster. Good luck in getting WB to pony-up the costs to redo all those. If the original broadcast masters still exist, put them on DVD in all their "pan & scan" glory.
I was referring to the physical quality of the disks themselves, sorry. Some are genuinely used while others look clean. I can expect that the A/V quality of the show will be a tossup, but for the price I paid, it's good.

I would give for a proper re-release.
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