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You will have to register using this page, the fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.

Brugernavn: * (Username)
Password: * (self explanatory)
Password (igen): * (repeat password)

E-mail: * (again self explanatory)
Ja tak, send mig Laser News (newsletter, in Danish, optional)

Mobilnr: (Cellphone number)

Kaldenavn: (A nickname for use if posting in the forum or making a review otherwise your full name is posted)
Fornavn: * (First name)
Efternavn: * (Last name/Surname)
Adresse: * (Street Address)
Adresse: (Address line 2, if required (can be used for Territory/State/County and so forth))
Postnr: * (Zipcode)
By: (Town)
Land: * (Country)
Telefonnr: (Landline)

The button that reads "Jeg vil registrere mig som ny bruger" confirms that you want to register as a member.
After that you should be set to place an order by going to the product page and putting the BD in your basket.

Their step-by-step goes like this:

Trin for trin (Step-by-step)
Købsprocedure (Purchase procedure)
Trin 1 Log ind. (Step 1 - Log in)
Trin 2 Kontrollér kurvens indhold og dit navn og adresse. (Step 2 - Check contents of basket and your name and address)
Trin 3 Vælg betalingsform. (Step 3 - Choose form of payment (VISA as well as MasterCard are accepted) Select the "Betal med betalingskort" (Pay with card) directly under the header that says "Forsendelse (porto beregnes i trin 4)" which means "Shipping (shipping cost calculated in step 4)")
Trin 4 Bekræft bestilling. (Step 4 - Confirm order by clicking "Til sikker betaling" (To secure payment))
Trin 5 Indtast oplysninger om betalingskort. (Step 5 - Enter payment details)

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