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Originally Posted by polarisn1 View Post
Damnit. Well, before my return timelimit is up, I want to get one that fits my requirements, preferably from Best Buy.

I have looked at the models in this thread, and they all seem to be out-dated? Of all the models listed on Best Buy, most of them do not even appear on this thread. Is there a newer thread with updated models?

I need a blu ray player that can convert the 50hz to 60hz internally so that I can play blu ray disks and dvd's with the Europe specs. This means I want it to play NTCS and PAL and automatically convert it out to NTCS standards for use with my samsung UN46EH6000 TV.

Also, I need it to be a smart device to stream movies and music.

Ideally I would like it to have a USB port too so I can play movies and stuff from my thumbdrive.

Lastly, I would like to be able to crack it so it is no longer regionally locked.

Does such a device exist?
For 1080i50 > 1080i60 on the fly any of the Samsung players will do the trick. Take a disc to your local store with you to verify. I believe all the LG players will also.

You can't unlock the region code though. I'm looking into the Orei players, they supposedly play all region DVD and Blu and convert PAL/NTSC as well. No word specifically on 1080i50 > 1080i60. They're $160 in the US, might order one to check it out, no hassle return policy according to Bombay Electronics.

I'm not aware of any other player that can do it. Oppo don't support their players being region hacked so they won't say whether in REGION B mode it will no longer convert to 1080i60, which would make sense as in REGION B it probably thinks it should output region b frame rates I would think?

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