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Not having any luck with the Orei at all. First would lock up when powering down requiring it to be unplugged and plugged back in to use again. Second does the exact same thing.... but the power button on the player also won't turn it on and when powering it on with the remote the LCD display is corrupted for a bit before it turns on. Second one came with a HDMI cable and batteries..... didn't even know it was supposed to have those because the first one didn't have either. Hoping Amazon won't claim I didn't return everything in the package. Picture quality also seems lacking compared to my BDP-S360. Maybe some fiddling with the settings could help with that one but hard to adjust picture settings when you can't do it with the movie playing and all you can go by is an Orei logo. Only good thing I can say about it really is that it loads pretty fast when it is functioning. Sadly I didn't bother waiting before ordering some region locked discs and stuff or else I would be getting a refund. Amazon have one left in stock so going to hope third time is the charm with it
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