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Originally Posted by DJJez View Post
a HK member of the 4k facebook groups posted it. he always gets stuff (USA STUFF normally) 2 weeks early.

im wondering if this is same as USA version as the rear is all english as well. looks like the 4k bestbuy steelbook just without the bestbuy exclusive sticker
HK releases of Western stuff will often have all English text, it's just a legacy from colonial days so I wouldn't read too much into it. The US steel will be the same underneath (most steels usually are, they just come with a different j-card) but the content definitely won't be the same because the US version is being released by Warners, not Sony.

I thought I could go for a 4K + BD + Bonus BD version to save me from getting the UK 2-disc BD as well as the UK 4K and would probably cost as much anyway, but I've just remembered I've got the whiskey glass UK 4K on order as well as the 2-disc BD so I'll just stick to that. I'll swap out the case for a 3-disc one to put the bonus BD in and sell the movie BD on its own.
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