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Originally Posted by YogiYahooeys View Post
YMMV on this one. I was at my local BB and noticed that both the Season 3 & 4 DVD sets of The Goldbergs were marked down to $9.99. I got the bright idea of buying them online for store pickup to save an additional $1, but when I looked them up on the website, they were listed as $19.99 each. I took them to the register thinking that I might have to argue about the price, but they rang up at the correct price as marked.

So, if you're a Goldbergs fan and you find yourself in store, check it out and see if your's are marked down too...
They've been $9.99 in store since September, if you can find them at your store. Timeless season 1 was also reduced to $9.99 at the same time, so you might check it out as well,if you're a fan.
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