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I know I'm very late to this party, but I'm still looking for an affordable solution (player, separate device) to be able to watch once in a while my 2D Blu-rays converted to 3D and would be grateful for recommendations.

At the occasion, unless it's already an old story, I'd like to encourage everyone interested in 3D to try the most inexpensive, free 2D > 3D conversion which you'll be able to use right after reading this post.

Unfortunately, I do not know the scientific details but somewhere in the course of evolution caveman lost one eye but still needed to hunt and gather food for family and tribe. Somewhere in our brains is a failsafe switch for this unlikely event which creates 3D depth from single-eye vision, provided there is spatial information enabling our brain to create a 3D image from it.

As for myself I have noticed repeatedly and recently that if the 2D program content includes horizontally moving objects (ideally moving into opposite directions) our brain will create a 3D image from this information watched with one-eye only!

Recently watched The Matrix again and in particular the scene illustrated above with one eye only, the 3D was quite simply awesome, the fragments are really flying at you!
Needless to say that the Matrix Trilogy opening credits also provide a very cool looking 3D effect, as do similiar scenes in these films and in many others.

Unfortunately, you'll only get 3D when there is movement in the image, once the image becomes static, the 3D effect is gone.

So if your friends think 3D glasses look stupid, maybe this is a solution more to their liking.

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