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Not a fan personally. Yes, the action sequences were fairly well done and the two lead actors did a bang up job. It was (use the term very, very lightly) grounded in reality up to a point but once
[Show spoiler]the ridiculous cosmetic surgeries
got involved, it threw it all out of the window and went into silly season.
I second that. I did not find tiger's acting anyway impressive infact that was the biggest letdown for me that he wasnt even able to pull off the simplest lines . The actions sequences were fine but after a point it started looking like a collage of well done set pieces. It literally was screaming at us that see ! there are bike chase here because we can shoot that, there is mid air action bec we can do that, Snowy lake car chase because we can.... and so on. Somehow the connect between these was completely missing for me. And yeah dont even get me started on surgery angle. A tool that was so impressively used in Badla gets totally misused here, even within cinematic liberties , crossing all boundries of ridiculousness. The single biggest achievement of War as a film could be that it was beautiful enough to look at, and tolerable enough to sit through its running length. This especially coming after the previous action fiasco that was Saaho at a much much higher budget (which competes with Zero in worst movies of all times award) was a big big relief but thats not really a compliment.
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