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Originally Posted by Meeklo View Post
From Digital Bits (Rumor Mill):

Okay, let's have another update on Paramount's catalog Blu-ray plans for 2009. Our industry sources are now telling us that Fatal Attraction is coming in June from the studio, with the second and third installments of Friday the 13th following in July. Other titles we've recently confirmed are in the works for Blu-ray release this year from Paramount (street date TBA, but they ARE coming) include South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, the Gladiator: Director's Cut and Forrest Gump. And as we've reported in the daily column recently, the Braveheart: Special Collector's Edition is also expected this year from the studio. Those are great titles all, and on behalf of The Bits staff, let me just say to the Blu crew up on the Melrose lot how impressed we all by the number and overall A/V quality of your catalog titles in 1080p. May we put in a good word for Galaxy Quest (eventually), The Peacemaker and Once Upon a Time in the West?
I'll take the bold ones!
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