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Originally Posted by weir View Post
Big misread there, sorry. One advantage to the R2 set is you get the original Gathering pilot from 1993 in addition to the new TNT version with an all new score. They should look better too since this is the PAL release. WB actually took the PAL versions and converted them to NTSC for the US DVDs! They didn't even go back to the source, if you can believe that.

After you watch a few episodes, let us know how you feel the transfer is.
I apologize. My original post should have said I bought the Region 1/US versions of these.

Now, I did consider the R2 versions at one point because of how cheaper it would have been (even before this low price point). But I ended up deciding to get the R1 set one of two ways: Either to wait for a golden opportunity (such as a sale on all of them when they could have been cheap), or to save up enough cash to get them in good quality.

I've read reviews on the quality of the R2 sets from years ago and didn't find any that were favorable.

I then checked Zavvi up above at the link and the set seems to have been in circulation since 2007 (least by the first review posted, it was around since 2012). Unfortunately, there's no negative reviews to indicate the A/V quality of the set.

But in all of my research online, I haven't found anything to indicate that the sourcing to the DVDs over the past few years had given way to a proper re-release of the show. So, I think that if you're not the type to nitpick graphics or cropping issues, you can still appreciate the show as a whole.

This, arguably, is the best we're going to get.
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