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Big Daddy,My Friend,You Have Another Winner in this Thread .

I Love how informative it is.And the ease in which you are able to explain so many things that even I can understand.

I must get a SPL Meter now.No More Excuses in Putting it off.The Chart/List you have started of different movies and their levels is fascinating.I will do my part in adding any titles and infotmation about the Levels these Movies Default to when Playing.
As I have noticed some movies have to be played Louder(and some even at Lower Levels to match the output of another Movie).

Thanks for the PM and Including me in this,Big Daddy. And I watched your ex-projector again earlier today on Ice Age 3. Simply Breath Taking.I Love that Sony Projector with a passion.I cant wait to get the screen early next week.

But count me in BD.I will do all I can to Contribute to the Movie Volume Reference Level.
I Hope you are Enjoying a Wonderful Evening,my Friend .
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