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Originally Posted by ronjones View Post
Please let up know if you hear anything interesting from Sony. I would hope Sony has some new 4K/UHD display devices (e.g., projectors) to announce and demo at CEDIA Expo in Denver in early Sept. Perhaps they will also announce some plans for using the extended version of HEVC in some of their upcoming products (be it Blu-ray UHD players or for their own 4K download service).
I won’t be attending SID Display Week ’14….relatives in town, must do the tourist show-the-sites thing. As far as Sony Electronics (in San Diego) goes, I feel sorry for the Sony sales reps., IT people, etc. as they’re having a tough go of it….

The soul of Sony seems in angst, and not just in regards to Sony Electronics, but in other divisions like ‘Pictures’ too -
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