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So after watching a lot of the Audioholics videos and reading a whole lot more, I (well my lovely wife) returned my recently purchased Epson 1040 and I am going to get the Epson 5040 as the rest of my setup is all 4K ready what with the Marantz receiver and the Oppo player, so I don't want the projector to be the weakest link. Even though the majority of my media content is 1080p currently.

Also I have scrubbed the upward firing modules from my shopping list as enough people much smarter than I am have deemed them a pretty poor substitute for ceiling speakers, particularly in such a small room in close proximity to other channels.

I am still looking closely at the RP-250/260's as they are aesthetically pleasing and have yet to find anything else I like the look of which isn't very expensive. Also steering towards the Klipsch bipolar surrounds.

As for the subs, I'm thinking about either two SVS PB-2000 in the front or 1 in the front and the SVS PC-2000 behind the seating area, maybe corner loaded.

As for the screen, I would prefer a 2:35:1 ratio but going to do more measurements one the projector is mounted and shining on the wall so I can determine which I think will look better in the space. Based on the distance from the seating area, it's most likely going to be 84" or not a lot bigger I suspect. I'll go as big as I can without it looking weird or being awkward to view.

As for 5 channels, I am going to put up shelves behind the seating area to house all the blurays as well as diffuse some of the LCR reflections, and was thinking maybe I could put a couple bookshelf speakers there for rear channels. They would be no more than a couple feet behind the seating area. What do you think? Worth it?
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