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The Snow Walker

Film: 4.75/5
-thanks Squid for the recommendation
-Netflix synoposis: Barry Pepper stars in this survivalist adventure as cocky, hotheaded bush pilot Charlie Halliday, who agrees to transport a critically ill Inuit woman (Annabella Piugattuk) to a Yellowknife hospital during a routine stop on a supply run. The pair face dire consequences when their plane goes down in the Arctic tundra, leaving them marooned -- and facing the brutality of the looming northern winter.
-incredible film! here you have a cocky pilot and an Intuit woman ALL ALONE in the middle of nowhere. Their personalities couldn't be further apart. The cocky pilot is all about getting rescued and is all angry. The Intuit woman is still at home - in her country - and so isn't bothered at all! You will see how people can really change when they are faced with extreme circumstances (the only way people ever do change). Watch this and you will heavily rewarded!
-The only reason I deducted 0.25 is that the story back at the pilot's home town where they are looking for him was a tad weak.
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