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Warrior - 4.5/5

Great film! Being a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts, I was a bit skeptical on a newer film tackling MMA but when I heard the cast, I was very intrigued. Well it was almost exactly what I was hoping for. The film sheds a great light on the sport, which is (understandably so) one of the most misunderstood and unnecessarily hated sports out there.

Being a big fan of the sport and used to watching every second of action in real fights, it was a bit hard to watch at times towards the end because of the editing, cutting back and forth between the audience and the action toward, etc. but that's too be expected. It was nice to see some fighters and ref's getting cameo's in this. Nick Nolte was fantastic, as expected. Tom Hardy is amazing, he plays such a torn man, absolutely dripping with rage... dude's a beast. Watching him perform was a true pleasure, very reminiscient of Brando for me. During the slots scene, I started to worry that his character
[Show spoiler]was a complete monster, that there wasn't any human empathy left in him, but that all changes with a phenominal and emotional scene with him and Nick in the hotel room.... just wow. And then the final fight, his brother breaking his ego hard and then tapping him while saying "I love you"... deep stuff.
Pretty damn good ending. Highly recommended.

The Descendants - 4.25/5

Great look at a torn man's decisions in times of chaos in paradise. It's a drama with a lighthearted, slightly dark comedy feel to it but doesn't feel too serious. George's performance was great, it's one of the more enjoyable roles I've see him in, and Shailene Woodley (the daughter) is very cute and extremely talented, I think she's got a big future. Great story, great ending. I really enjoyed it but I don't think it was in the realm of "Best Picture" quality.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - 3.75/5

Big and fun but not as well put together as I was I would have liked... seemed rushed in a sense. The fight sequences were pretty epic towards the end but the slo-mo thing got a little out of hand this time around, I think they should have toned that back a bit. Still very enjoyable but I still prefer the others. The fantasy fan was very excited to see more of the Transformers homeworld, that was badass. I don't think Bay should return to the series, but if he does, I'll definitely see the next one.
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