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Originally Posted by volcomsocal View Post
Schindler's List - 1993

I never saw this movie before, but I always planned on watching it. I just didn't know when that was going to be. I didn't feel the need to see it in the theaters when it came out. I had gone to Hebrew school for many years and had my Bar Mitzvah right around the time the movie came out. I was very aware of what happened, and had learned about it year after year. So, I put it off for a long time.

Fast forward 18 years later. I finally decided to watch it. It wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be. It felt too long and the story seemed a little loose. I would have liked a more linear plot than what I saw. This movie was good I guess, but I just don't agree with it winning best picture. I would have nominated The Fugitive, but that's just me. The ending was a very nice touch, so props to Spielberg on that front.

DVD rental

PQ - n/a
AQ - n/a

3/5,eeek! I'll say no more.


I haven't seen Departures but I've wanted to for awhile.


As Good as it Gets:

Film: 3 (out of 4); gf rating: 3.5 (out of 4)

Nicholson and Hunt were both excellent and deserved to win their Oscars (the dog should've won an award too!). I thought the writing was pretty good. However, Nicholson's character is one of the most unlikeable characters I've seen in a very long time and there was zero chemistry and believability in the love story. It's a testament to the acting that the film was as entertaining as it was.
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