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Originally Posted by Vracer111 View Post
I just heard what has to be the most awesome song with Rin in it...

And just so Miku doesn't get left out.. this one has some interesting musicality I enjoy:

Finally took the time to listen to these and overall, it was nice to listen to different songs for once since I don't keep up to date with the Vocaloid scene as much anymore. I just wait for the games and get up to date with the latest songs from there. I guess i'll return the favor with these songs. Let's get some Mayu in here!

Originally Posted by bmsmcr View Post
Awesome!! I just got one and I'm enjoying the unique games on it. I was thinking about importing it but I REALLY like the song Sweet Devil and it's a DLC song. If I wanted it I'd have to get the US digital version or make a JP PSN account on a new memory card. I hope that the US one goes on sale one day so I can get the physical and the digital at some point, just to have the game in-hand and on my shelf. I'M CRAZY lol, wish I was born a few years latter when the digital boom kicked off so I wouldn't have a problem with digital only media.
Yea, I got my Vita last year as a birthday gift and have been enjoying my time with it since. The first game I played on it was Project DIVA F 2nd, so not a bad way to start, huh? It's nice to know that you're enjoying the Vita as well though. As for f, it has been on sale before so it wouldn't surprise me if it happens again. Despite already having the PS3 version, I might just double dip and get it on Vita as well. Such a great game with a great track list, in my opinion...

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