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Originally Posted by BleedOrange11 View Post
Do you mind posting some of the specs you find?
As discussed in the thread on A*P*E, there's apparently some debate as to whether the interaxial for Space-Vision was 65mm or 67mm. Sources are evidently inconsistent. It had a 35mm focal length; if there were other lenses with different focal lengths I haven't found anything about them. Judging from what I can tell it didn't have continuous F-stops but could be set to 11, 6.3, or 4.5.

I found specs for ArriVision on a Jaws 3-D fansite, though I can't seem to dig up the link again. According to those documents the interaxial of the final produced system was 75mm. It had continuous F-stops down to a minumum of 2.5, and multiple focal lengths including 18mm, 28mm, 40mm and 55mm.

As to Stereo70 their official site (which looks like it hasn't been redesigned since 1998) has specs on interaxial and focal length but unfortunately nothing I could find about F-stops. The link is here:

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