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Originally Posted by Geoff D View Post
I'll spoil the results of the shootout for y'all: an OLED will win.

Anyhoo, I watched Vincent's review and I loved how excited he was by the TV because I'm all about that HDR too. Not HDR 'pop' for the sake of HDR 'pop' but the difference that high peak brightness specifically makes to HDR viewing is something that I can't imagine doing without, although the mentions of exaggerated blooming and a continued trade off in the blacks are a concern, for unless this is all due to the x-wide filter (grrrrrr) then ~3500 nits on a consumer LCD may just be too much light to manage with such a low zone count.

Not that 700+ zones isn't impressive for an FALD TV, but the 65" ZD9 already has 600+ zones so stretching that out to 700+ on an 85" panel (so it's almost a third bigger but only has like 17% more zones?) doesn't really compute. I'm sure it's still a cracking TV but it may yet carry one too many compromises at such a staggeringly high price point. Get rid of the x-wide angle stupidness, increase the zone count, try to get the gamut coverage to nearer 100% of P3 and give it an in-house tone mapping facility that compresses highlights above its 'native' capability and you'd have the perfect 4K HDR LCD TV.
This whole post pretty much reflects my thoughts, especially the bolded part.

BLNT, Sony...
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