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Question Dune Extended Edition SteelBook & Metal Box

I have the Dune: Extended Edition DVD metalbox (I had always lumped it with my other DVD steels), but when those Best Buy blu-ray metalboxes came out in May, I was reminded of the difference between my Dune and other DVD steels.

This website shows the Dune EE steelbook as having been released in Jan '06. There was a later steelbook edition of Dune released to replace the Dune Viva Metalbox, something to do with a lawsuit, but from doing some research, those Dune steelbooks didn't come out till around March of '08, whereas the Dune metalbox came out in January of '06.

I remember purchasing my copy of Dune while deployed overseas at the main PX at Bagram, and that was toward the end of my deployment at the beginning of '06. I also remember seeing both the Dune metalboxes and the later Dune steels being in stores at the same time, as they were phasing out the metalboxes I suppose, and this was at least a year or more after my purchase if I remember correctly. Is there someone who can update the website? Eventually. I'm going to add all of the DVD/blu-ray titles I own to my profile, and I would like to be accurate with this title.

*Edit...came across some info that showed the Dune DVD SteelBook came out around the second week of Sep '07. Will update product page for this shortly...

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