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Originally Posted by mdabb View Post
I've been up to his house a few times now as that's where he sells & lets people audition gear. It's a one on one thing & by appointment only. Anyhow I just started picking his brain and before you know it I was there all day. It was like talking to a music anthropologist. He also played acoustic guitar for me as he is a jazz guitarist and studied improvisational jazz. He then put the recording on so I could compare/contrast between live & recorded and how close you can faithfully recreate it at home. Anyhow I expressed that I really enjoyed listening to him talk about various subjects and that it is hard to come by good info regarding audio. I added that I didn't trust a lot of stuff I read on the internet, so he asked if I would like to attend. Stupid me, after coming across that article, I wish I would have known what a treat it was going to be. Won't make that mistake again
Oh man....I feel bad for you! Sounds like it would have been something memorable for a lifetime.

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