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Originally Posted by scrapjazzmama View Post
Is there any chance they would allow us to still use the expired ones? I waited to buy a blue ray player and now that I opened all the movies I have several expired codes and THAT is the reason I bought that specific package Because it had a digi copy too. I have Harry Potter and the HALF BLOODPRINCE and Disney's GFORCE. PLEASE HELP who do I email or talk to about getting the new code or a free digi copy. Acutally not free, I did buy it! I appreciate all your help, thanks.
Harry Potter Half Blood Prince will almost definitely not work anymore. That one was Warner Bros (they are pretty strict about exp dates) and did not include a disc, so you actually had to download the file through iTunes I believe which definitely costs them more money for the bandwith. Most codes are good for 1 year after a movie's initial release, but that one was only good for 6 months so I think they really wanted you to not be able to use that one.

I would go ahead and give a bunch of them a try anyway, more than a few of them will still work. Also then I would probably come back and try the other ones in a couple months just give it one more try and to make sure it actually is dead. I am fairly sure that Dark Knight had expired and did not work for a while, but must have been allowed to work again later on as I was still able to download mine earlier this year like 6 months after expiration.
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